• Highly Concentrated, 100% Pure Certified Organic, Steam Distilled neroli Oil.
  • Neroli oil is produced using steam distillation. The delicate flowers are placed in a pressurized steam chamber, which releases the precious aroma chemicals trapped in the neroli blossom. The aroma compounds evaporate with the steam. Then, the steam carrying fragrant voltatile molecules are condensed back into water as they travels through the cooling chamber. The less dense essential oil floats to the top of the decanting chamber, allowing the neroli oil to be skimmed off of the water. 


Neroli oil is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. The branches and leaves of the same tree generate petitgrain and the peels of the fruit produce bitter orange essential oil but each of the three oils has a different scent. The flowers yield much less oil than other parts of the tree, which explains the higher price of neroli oil.