• 100% essential oil of petit grain bigarade ( Citrus aurantium ).
  • Botanical family of rutaceae.
  • Distilled part: the leaf.


The essential oil of this bitter orange tree, or bitter orange, is obtained by distillation of young twigs filled with tiny fruits at the beginning of their development and similar to « small grains ».
The essential oil of Petit Grain Bigarade supports the heart in both directions of this expression. It soothes, protects and reassures injured and lonely hearts . If loneliness is poorly lived, if stress, spasms, poor sleep have an eminently affective cause, it is the place to think first. The two fields of application combined, the EO of Petit Grain Bigarade is best expressed externally : anointing (like a perfume), friction, massage, bath (do not forget the emulsifier of rigor), diffuser of aromas.